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  • Tax Saving Ideas

    The main reason for Joe Gandolfo's enormous success is that he sells ideas - tax saving ideas. In fact, he saves his clients so much money that his one time, lifetime fee is more than paid for by immediate savings. He can eliminate probate fees (6% to 22% of estate) and estate taxes (45% of estate) at death without buying life insurance or annuities. Attorneys and CPAs tend to be conservative by nature. If they are handling your income tax planning and estate planning, they're very possibly overlooking many opportunities.

    Joe Gandolfo is objective and acts as a professional outside advisor; which is why he has been able to help thousands of clients coast-to-coast, from a net worth of $250,000 up to 4.5 billion - showing them ways to reduce paying personal and corporate income taxes. For help with income, estate and gift tax planning, doesn't it make sense to call a specialist?

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Joe Gandolfo PhD & Associates